Sun-Kissed Mornings

sun kissed

I don’t know how many of you are early birds but I, for one, am a late riser. When I have college I have to wake up accordingly but weekends are mine! My day starts around noon with a cuppa and carries on lazily. But on days I do get up early and catch the sunrise it feels so energising. Its 8.15 am on my watch and looking outside the window I can see the warm rays streaming through the dense gallery garden. Every leaf is bright green and every flower looks rejoiced. I feel so motivated right now to make this day productive, make it count. Continue reading


Welcome Aboard

It took almost six months of toiling and mulling to finally bring out PAW. A lot of thought was put behind the title itself. I needed something personal, something that was more me and so I zeroed down on Procrastinator At Work. Not only does it describe me but also its abbreviation – PAW is the signature of my favourite character Padfoot a.k.a Sirius Black. I have big plans for this blog. I intend to write about all things fun – which includes travel and the love of my life, books. My plan also includes being regular i.e. one post every week but procrastinator that I am, it’s going to be one hell of a task.

So dear readers, welcome aboard the new train of thoughts.

And without meaning to spoil you, remember,

Good things come to those who wait.