About Me


Hello Readers,

I am Pallavi Sharma, a young girl hailing from an orthodox family; having 19th century values juxtaposed with a 21st century attitude. I am a mix all qualities good & bad. I am the kind of person who finds happiness in small, little things and cherishes each moment. A blend of polar extremes – Can’t imagine myself without the company of my friends and yet I savour and devour my ‘Me-Times’.

Procrastinator At Work best describes me! Music and dance are something I’m extremely passionate about, although I must warn you my passion for music is not the same as my talent. A voracious book reader by nature who is in LOVE with Sirius Black (Yes! I am a Potterhead). I love adventure and my dream is to travel around the world with the love of my life (Yes! I can be girly too at times). I am crazy about Robert Downey Jr. and my top priority bucket list item is to meet him! I am a huge fan (an understatement) of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and adore Chandler Bing! You would constantly find me quoting FRIENDS and Harry Potter. All in All I am Talkative: But extremely quiet with new faces around, lazy: But hardworking, crazy: That’s a family trait and humble, arrogant,helpful, mean, optimistic, foolish, courageous are just some of the adjectives to describe me; and in all honesty these are not enough.

I am a young perfectly imperfect girl here to introduce you to the Big, Better, Bright & the Brilliant side of LIFE!! I write to connect with my inner self and inspire others to love life as it comes!


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