The Big Picture

The Big Picture

We have always been told that the secret to happiness is in the little joys and that life is an aggregation of these precious moments. The key is in the tiny details. How many times have you come across social media posts that tell you to live in the present!? It is a time tested life mantra practiced by few and advised by all. And it is not a wrong philosophy at all. It is said that in their last moments one experiences a flash of one’s entire life like a montage of all their high and low times. Yet, each day, I come across several instances where I have to take a pause and question this notion. Not that I don’t believe in grasping each moment and making it worthwhile. I do; because all that we have is ~the present~ and all that we can do is ~now~. However, I feel every once in while we must take a few steps back, far enough, to see the big picture. To see not just the present but also bring in the past and the future and see how life is panning out.

Stand far back up against the wall and see your life as a whole on the canvas opposite you. Envision not only the sunny days spent rushing to reach work but also the starry nights spent over wine with your dear ones. See not only those stormy days where all looked gloomy but also that day when you made it through the darkness and the dazzling sun light played on your eyes making everything around you cheerful again. Imagine not just the golden colours of the autumn that just went by but also the rejoicing green of the spring coming soon. See how beautiful the mosaic called life is. For once don’t look at the details, the flaws. Just stare at the big picture and appreciate its magnificence. Let it sink in your heart that the splendid picture that you’re staring at is your own creation. Life is like a million piece puzzle. Yes! each individual piece needs to be pretty for the final puzzle to look good but we are so engrossed in making this puzzle that we simple forget to look at the work done and see how gorgeously it is all coming together.

Every once in a while we must zoom out of the daily life and look at it from the broader lens. You’ll be surprised at what you can see.

As this year comes to an end remember that no matter what the picture on your canvas is so far, the new year is only going to add another detail in another colour and it is bound to be charming.

With these wise words wish you all a very Happy 2018. Stay safe and have a terrific year ahead.


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