Why Procrastination is Good

Procrastinate like a pro

I can safely assume that everyone has read this article by Wait but Why! Now that you know how we; that is to say procrastinators, function and why we do what we do; it’s time to explain how procrastination is a virtue. 

The famous quote “Good things come to those who wait” is good enough a justification but what the heck, I’ll explain anyway. Imagine there is a very important assignment to complete but it’s deadline is still a week away. Done? Now there are two types of people –

1. Who’ll start working on it from the day it was assigned. It’s an important work. They’ll research, ready the first draft, review, redo… You get the drift?

2. Procrastinators – who’ll toss the work aside because obviously it’s still a week before it’s due so why waste time from now? They start binge watching some teleseries, they plan getaways with friends, they read a book and find every other thing to do that can keep them busy and away from the assignment. Then finally it’s the eve of the deadline; so now is the right time to plan for the work. So they calculate that it’s going to take roughly 4 hours to do it. And they still have about 12 hours in hand to do it in. Plenty. Just when they start their research they bump into a funny video of a cat trying to attack it’s reflection in the mirror. Must watch!! Then they wonder why cats are so dumb? Let’s wiki it. They read about it and find an interesting fact about Dolphins. Let’s look them up!! The next thing they know it’s already midnight and they are yet to start the work. The panic monkey takes over. He throws away that well thought out plan. Beast mode on: the work begins. And bam! it’s 2.30 AM and its done. Tadaa!  
So to review – Tell me which kind is the happening one? One who wastes their 7 days of life doing just the one thing or the one who have an amazing time, catch up on their hobbies and still get the work done? Tell me which one is the productive kind? Clearly the procrastinators. They finish an eight hour worth of work in less that half the time. Is that amazing or what! Now the former kind would say what about the quality of work? And I’ll say that the quality of work is top notch. When the beast mode is on, the brain works efficiently as it knows it can’t afford to mess up. It knows this needs to be done now, so the creativity quotient shoots up, efficiency shoots up and every iota of the brain is employed in getting the work done. And done right. If you’re still not convinced, you should read this article that has been written after thorough research.
So, now do you see the benefits? Procrastinators perform extremely well under pressure and that’s a great quality to have. It makes us all do our work smartly and while we are procrastinating, other good stuff on our to-do list is getting checked off. Bottom line is “procrastination is a virtue!” because all good things come to those who wait!
And like Ellen Degeneres says –
“Procrastination is not the problem. It is the solution. So procrastinate now, don’t put it off.”

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