I Dropped My iPhone in Water



So I woke up late as usual on Sunday looking forward to staying home in my PJs and watching the latest Sherlock episode. I had just finished my brunch and was heading to my room and suddenly I was screaming “Noooo..” as my iPhone fell into a bucket full of soap water. #@!% 

Let’s rewind a bit now. So I was heading to my room when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I took it out and it slipped out of my hands and fell into the bucket which our maid had kept for cleaning. It was filled with soap water. All this happened in front of my parents. I saw my world crash before my eyes. I was so screwed! By reflex I fetched the phone out and rushed to dry it out with a cloth all the time praying for it to be ok. I pressed the home button and there it was all working fine. Or so it seemed. I unlocked it and saw that there was no service. It wasn’t connected to the wifi. I frantically opened all apps but they all took eons to open. I freaked out. I called my friend from the landline and broke the sad news. No questions were asked and I was told to immediately bury the phone in rice. I thought it odd but then I did it nonetheless. I browsed online about this rice therapy and saw that yup when an electronic device meets water the best one can do is bury it in rice to suck up all the moisture. It said wait for 24 to 48 hours. I relaxed a bit and prayed for the best.

Now a little background on my iPhone. It already was a bit sick. Its silent button didn’t work. Its power button didn’t work. And now I had worsened it all by dropping it in water. 36 hours later I took the phone out. I put it for charging and waited with bated breath. It switched on. The network was back on. Wifi connected at once. There was a barrage of all the messages that I had received in those 36 hours. There was one problem though.

The message tones were not being played. It vibrated? Yes but the sound!? So using the volume buttons I set the ringer volume to full. Messages kept flowing in but there was no sound. I stopped breathing and just when I was about to accept that I had caused damage to my phone, it occurred to me to check the silent button. I switched it to ringer and the next message was heard in the entire house. Tinggggggg! My life was pretty again. I decided to test the power button too but naah it remained dead. But that’s ok because magically at least the silent button is healed, I didn’t lose any data and the phone works smoothly and that’s good enough for me.

So haha Soap suds!

All hail Apple! There’s nothing quite like it.


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