We All Need Our Stuff


So the other day my Mom drove me up the wall, nagging me to clean my wardrobe. When she came to inspect at the end of the day, she got all fired up on seeing that I had saved all the friendship bands, key-chains, ticket stubs, chocolate wrappers and a whole bunch of my other belongings.

“If all this junk is still here, what did you throw out?!!” – She gave me the exasperated look and left the room. 

Well, I didn’t bother explaining her how much that “box of junk” meant to me but when she left, I smiled at the box and said to myself –

“We all need our stuff”

Don’t we? I went through the contents of the box and it instantly transported me to that time when those sweet and sour memories were made.

Once I had a small fight with my best friend and when we both realised how stupid that was, we had laughed it off over a bar of chocolate. And I still have that chocolate wrapper. I have saved the tissue napkins from each of the restaurants that I have been to, just to remind myself of the amazing time that I had in the company of my friends. The sea shells from a beautiful day spent at the beach, ticket stubs from each of the movie that I have seen, the doodles made during boring lectures, a slam book from school, the gift cards, handmade bookmarks (I have plenty of them), travelling pass saved from the day I began college, a broken watch; the first that my mom gifted, a test paper from school that I scored full on, a torn wallet, there are so many souvenirs reminiscent of some of the best moments lived and I cling onto them with my life.

Memories are what we are left with when the moments have passed. We cherish them in our hearts and visit them when we are feeling blue. All these bits and pieces that I have collected over the years may really be a bunch of junk thrown together but they have captured in them the essence of the fleeting moments. So yes we all need our stuff and no matter how much we try it’s just hard to let go of them. They save every minute detail in them, seize every emotion that was felt and finally when you take a walk down the memory lane, these stuff enable you to live those moments one more time, every time. It all just comes alive and that is the most priceless possession that one can have – MEMORIES. Not even time can erase them. It is a testament to the fact that even on the darkest days there is always hope for light, when we look back we see how we have pulled through, where we stand now and we know there are many more memories to be made, many more moments to be lived. That there is HOPE.

I am pretty sure you all have that “box of junk”, go through it and tell me how they remind you of your treasured past.

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it”

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