Let’s Talk, Because, Why not?


Hello dear readers,

I know it has been a long time since I posted something. I won’t dare to give my favourite excuse and say I was procrastinating; instead I’ll just tell you what I was really doing. I was reading. I read like 5 books in 2 weeks. I got busy with my Job interviews. I wrote an article called “If Animals Could Talk” and then didn’t post. I showed it to my friends and they asked me to make it bone-tickling funny. So far I have got till bone. I’ll make it tickling-funny soon. Yes, so since then I have been staring at it and trying to come up with ways to make it amusing.  But, enough about me, how have you been?
Are you having a good time? Tell me about it. Because, why not? 

Share and flaunt your happiness. See if it doubles up.
Are you planning a vacation? Tell me about it. Because, why not?

I’ll be equally excited about it. Maybe I’ll go there myself on my next vacation.
Are you busy with work/studies? Tell me about it. Because, why not?

Maybe talking about it will make it less bad.
Are you going through a bad time? Did you have a row with your dear one? Tell me about it. Because, why not?

Maybe I can help you. Maybe putting it out in the open will give you the needed perspective, will clear things up.

Come on. Share with me. Let’s talk, get it all out so we can make room for new feelings, new emotions.

Post whatever is going on in your beautiful mind down in the comment section.

Share the post and invite others to join the conversation.


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