The Big Picture

The Big Picture

We have always been told that the secret to happiness is in the little joys and that life is an aggregation of these precious moments. The key is in the tiny details. How many times have you come across social media posts that tell you to live in the present!? It is a time tested life mantra practiced by few and advised by all. And it is not a wrong philosophy at all. It is said that in their last moments one experiences a flash of one’s entire life like a montage of all their high and low times. Continue reading


Why Procrastination is Good

Procrastinate like a pro

I can safely assume that everyone has read this article by Wait but Why! Now that you know how we; that is to say procrastinators, function and why we do what we do; it’s time to explain how procrastination is a virtue.  Continue reading

I Dropped My iPhone in Water



So I woke up late as usual on Sunday looking forward to staying home in my PJs and watching the latest Sherlock episode. I had just finished my brunch and was heading to my room and suddenly I was screaming “Noooo..” as my iPhone fell into a bucket full of soap water. #@!%  Continue reading

Looking Back


A wonderful year is coming to an end and I am a little emotional. 2015 has been a particularly special year for me. On this last day of the year I want to look back on all the things that made my year joyous, thank all the people for making it so, learn from all the mistakes and make 2016 an even better year.  Continue reading

We All Need Our Stuff


So the other day my Mom drove me up the wall, nagging me to clean my wardrobe. When she came to inspect at the end of the day, she got all fired up on seeing that I had saved all the friendship bands, key-chains, ticket stubs, chocolate wrappers and a whole bunch of my other belongings.

“If all this junk is still here, what did you throw out?!!” – She gave me the exasperated look and left the room.  Continue reading

Sun-Kissed Mornings

sun kissed

I don’t know how many of you are early birds but I, for one, am a late riser. When I have college I have to wake up accordingly but weekends are mine! My day starts around noon with a cuppa and carries on lazily. But on days I do get up early and catch the sunrise it feels so energising. Its 8.15 am on my watch and looking outside the window I can see the warm rays streaming through the dense gallery garden. Every leaf is bright green and every flower looks rejoiced. I feel so motivated right now to make this day productive, make it count. Continue reading

Let’s Talk, Because, Why not?


Hello dear readers,

I know it has been a long time since I posted something. I won’t dare to give my favourite excuse and say I was procrastinating; instead I’ll just tell you what I was really doing. I was reading. I read like 5 books in 2 weeks. I got busy with my Job interviews. I wrote an article called “If Animals Could Talk” and then didn’t post. I showed it to my friends and they asked me to make it bone-tickling funny. So far I have got till bone. I’ll make it tickling-funny soon. Yes, so since then I have been staring at it and trying to come up with ways to make it amusing.  But, enough about me, how have you been?
Are you having a good time? Tell me about it. Because, why not?  Continue reading